Hi all, Thank you and Welcome to my very first photoshop blog post. As I’m in the process of putting together some elaborate photoshop tutorials and resources I will have to keep this short.

Over my years as a photographer in Cowra, I’ve had amazing opportunities to travel and collaborate with some of the very best Musicians & Singer/Songwriters in Australia. I’m also happy to say that I’ve made some incredible friends along the way. One of which is the super talented Jamie Lindsay ( Check him out here: http://www.rockfellaz.com/portfolio/jamie-lindsay/ )

Last Friday I travelled from Cowra to Sydney to work with him again, and we capture a wide variety looks along with some badass images for his upcoming EP but for this particular post I wanted to shed some light on a particular image that a majority of you saw shared on Social Media.


Here is a gif going through the various stages of post production, and for those wondering this was shot all natural light =)

( If viewing on mobile, Hold your finger on the image and select “view image” )



I know this post was short but I promise much more elaborate weekly posts in the near future =)


Peace out!