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How much does Wedding Photography cost you?

How much does Wedding Photography cost you? So you are getting Married and the big day is approaching fast! The fact you are reading this article tells me that you don’t have a Wedding Photographer booked and don’t know what one will cost. Am I right? Now, Wedding Photography can cost anywhere from $0 to… Read More

Forever Improving

Alright guys as many of you enjoyed my previous blog entry ( see:¬†Ordinary to Extra ) I thought I would do a few more break downs for you from a recent shoot with Australian Musician Jamie Lindsay. So without further a due here are some break downs for you: First up with have this Natural… Read More

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Hi all, Thank you and Welcome to my very first photoshop blog post. As I’m in the process of putting together some elaborate photoshop tutorials and resources I will have to keep this short. Over my years as a photographer in Cowra, I’ve had amazing opportunities to travel and collaborate with some of the very… Read More