Hi I’m Brent,
Owner & Senior Photographer at ‘Brent Young Photography’ and ‘Studio B | Luxury Photography’
( www.StudioBLuxuryPhotography.com )

Specializing in but not limited to Fashion, Commercial & Wedding Photography in The Central West & Surrounds including Bathurst, Orange, the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia Wide!

Brent Young Photography is an International Published Studio putting your vision into a frame or album that you can proudly display on your wall, coffee table or on your desk at work. For me, photography is not only about taking an aesthetically-pleasing picture. There are hundreds of people in the business of wedding photography in the Central West & Surrounds that could do that for you. My aim is to provide you with a total photography experience that will capture the overall feelings, emotions, and visual aspects into a picture that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

While I work out of Central West, New South Wales, Australia, I know that in order for a photographer to be able to capture something deeper than what is in front of them, you need to be able to draw on personal experiences to see the potential that comes with each couple. That is why every piece that I develop for my wedding photography in the Central West & Surrounds reflects my personal experiences and passion. Each photograph that I take is set up so that it is poignant, memorable, and beautiful for everyone involved.

I am a firm believer in capturing the very essence of the subjects of my wedding photography in the Central West & Surrounds. To do this, I have explored various aspects of life from which I can derive a level of person passion that I can apply to your professional photographs. In order to get this perspective, I have explored the artistic side of myself through music, which has taught me that some photographs need to be explored in a light, airy, and whimsical manner. I have even had the opportunity to photograph leading musicians to complement my understanding of this idea.

I have also taken time to explore the concept behind physical space and how people interact within it. To really draw the marrow out of this aspect of physicality, I have used inspiration from my experience as a mixed martial arts practitioner. I enjoy using concepts of space, aesthetic design, lighting, and personal passion to make my wedding photography in the Central West & Surrounds stand out.

I have been shooting all manner of photographs for more than a decade as a photographer, shooting all around the Central West & Surrounds. Primarily as a Central West Wedding Photographer. However, my work has been published in nations all over the world.

More than anything, I want every one of my clients to come away with photographs that represent a momentous and positive occasion for them. I will work with you to discover the best way to go about giving you wedding photographs that will make you remember and cherish every moment of your wedding.