12 Helpful Apps you will use Everyday

If you are interested in upping your productivity or putting a few more lifestyle apps into your daily routine, here is a list of 12 apps that I have found myself unable to live without and why. These apps have really changed the way that I go through my day to day motions and I hope that they will have as much of an impact in your life as they have in mine so far. I couldn’t be far from my phone simply because these apps are on it.

  1. wunderlist_icon__flurry_ios_style__by_flakshack-d5om13zWunderlist: This app is to die for because it keeps up with all your to do lists and the errands that you need to run. It is like having a personal assistant without them forgetting how to make your coffee right the first time.
  2. flat-duolingoDuolingo: If you have ever been interested in learning a second or even a third or forth language then this is the app for you. Even if you find that you struggle in learning a new language, this app makes it fun, easy, and you really will learn how to speak more fluently in a very short amount of time. It is a necessity for traveling as well.
  3. icon175x175Calm: This app is pretty self-explanatory. If you find that you have trouble falling asleep or really getting into meditating, then this could be the app for you. It has really helped me to have much better success in both of these areas and it helps me to get more relaxed than I have ever been. Don’t be surprised if if puts your right off to sleep though!
  4. EvernoteLargeEvernote: This one is for all your students out there. This app makes it so easy to keep all of your notes and important documents in order. Even if you think you are an organized person, this app brings it to another level and will have you feeling calm, cool, and collected because you know that all of your notes and important things that you will need for classes and meetings are exactly where you need them to be…for once.
  5. squareSquare Register: Having your own business is tough, but it can be made just a little bit easier with this app. It will make checking out a breeze and you don’t have to worry about teaching yourself or your employees how to work it properly because learning is a snap. It is basically just a simple and easy to use way of checking people out instead of using a cash register.
  6. app-iconCoach.Me : No matter what your fitness goals are, the coach me app has you covered. It helps you to get revved up and ready to go for any goal that you may be working towards. Don’t pay huge amount of money for a personal trainer, when you can just have this app do it for you. It is simple to use but it is very effective in getting you motivated to work towards your goals.
  7. sleep_cycle_ios_iconSleep Cycle: If you have insomnia or trouble sleeping in any way, then you really need this app. Not only does it help to get you relaxed and ready for a good night of sleep, but it also helps to track what the quality of your sleep is. This can help you to know what is going on with you at night and how you should be feeling the next day. It can really help to answer some questions that you may be having about how good you are really sleeping.
  8. JnQDpJyiHeadspace: If you are into yoga or meditation or both then this is a must have app for your phone. It helps you to set the mood and get ready to meditate. With many different cool features it really helps me to get psyched up for meditating and helps me to avoid falling asleep in the middle of a session…
  9. Google-Calendar-iconGoogle Calendar: This seems like a very obvious one, but I feel like it has to be mentioned. You need to have a Google Calendar. It is like having a personal assistant and a life-sized calendar all in one. It is almost impossible to be late or to miss important events when you are using this app. It can really help to get you to be less stressed and to help you feel better every day knowing that you know all of your plans and that you are prepared for each day as it comes.
  10. Google-Drive-iconGoogle Drive: This will help you in more ways than you think. It has so many different features that most people aren’t even aware of. It will help you to keep all of your documents in one place and to help you to collaborate with others on important projects. This is important because it gets you in contact with people who you need to be in contact with in an easy and efficient way.
  11. DropboxDrop Box: This app is a little bit mundane, but totally necessary. Sometimes it is unfortunately hard to send large files or videos without it crashing or saying that your files are too big. This app will send any of your files no matter how large and all for free. It really is incredible and totally necessary.
  12. App-Spotify-iconSpotify: Everyone needs a little bit of music in their lives and this can help to provide you with the best kind of music, the kind that you pick for yourself. Not only does this app work like a radio with stations that you can create yourself, but you can also create as many playlists as you want that contain all of your favorite songs for any given occasion. This is a perfect app if you love music and if you are passionate about having the absolute perfect playlist for any occasion. This is hands down the best music app that I have found so far, and I really think that you will love it too.